Northeast Wars is a gaming convention in the Champlain Valley of northwestern Vermont. Quarterstaff Games, one of the oldest and most well-stocked game stores in northern New England, sponsors and organizes the event each year. Each year, Northeast Wars strives to bring together gamers from all corners of the region to play the latest and greatest games published. In addition to hosting every kind of game our GMs might care to run, the convention brings interesting guests of honor and organizations to inform and engage.

Previous Conventions

Sometimes known as Mischief in the Mountains, Northeast Wars was an annual event from 1992 to 1996. Situated in downtown Burlington’s Radisson Hotel, it was the gaming convention in Vermont. Northeast Wars hosted industry guests like Michael Stackpole and Melissa Benson, tournaments and games of all kinds. Originally running for seven years in the 1990s, it was resurrected by popular demand in 2008 to warm reception.

If you’re curious about past years, you can peruse our collection of convention books. It grows slowly, at the rate of about one per year.