Guests of Honor

Melissa Benson

Ms. Benson has a long history with the gaming hobby, going all the way back to 1993, when a little company calling itself Wizards of the Coast started collecting art for a card game by the name of Magic: The Gathering, painting such pictures as the Shivan Dragon and Nightmare. She has since gone on to illustrate cards for many more collectible card games, including Shadowfist, 7th Sea and Jyhad, as well as other gaming-related pieces, such as commissioned character portraits.

Many samples of her work are available for viewing on her website, as well as the opportunity to purchase prints, gift items displaying her art or even commission her for an original piece.

We’re really looking forward to welcoming Melissa back to Burlington for another Northeast Wars!

Steve Kenson

Beginning in 1995, Steve’s credits as an RPG writer and designer span many gamelines and publishers, including such notables as Shadowrun, GURPS and multiple World of Darkness games. (Pen & Paper provides a more thorough listing of his works.)

In 2002, Mr. Kenson designed and developed Mutants & Masterminds, a super hero roleplaying game published by Green Ronin. The game was received by the roleplaying hobby with great acclaim. Steve went on to design a variation of the Mutants & Masterminds system that eventually became known as True20, a general purpose roleplaying system.

Presently, Steve is a staff designer for Green Ronin, in addition to maintaining his own RPG presence, Talon Studio. No one’s quite sure what his next project will be, but it’s bound to be something good!

In addition to running two Mutants & Masterminds games and a secret playtest session, this year at Northeast Wars Steve offers a panel “Gaming Life with Steve Kenson.”